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English, Japanese, Reading, Notes. hair, 髪(の毛), かみ(のけ). face, 顔, かお. forehead, 額, ひたい. eyebrow, 眉, まゆ. eyelash, 睫毛, まつげ. eye, 目, め. nose, 鼻 , はな. mouth, 口, くち. lips, 唇, くちびる. tongue, 舌, した. teeth, 歯, は. gums, 歯茎, は ぐき. cheek, 頬 or 頰, ほほ or ほお. chin, 顎, あご. ear, 耳, みみ. neck, 首, くび. throat, 喉. After today's Japanese audio lesson you'll know the parts of the body in Japanese. Listen to the Japanese audio and follow the pronunciation, and when you're ready, practice saying the Japanese words aloud. I hope you don't need to use it, but you'll also learn how to say "I'm sick" in Japanese – just in case!. Study the vocabulary for various Japanese body parts, from head to toe. Also learn how to describe the body parts correctly.

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Like the mouth, the tongue takes on some aspects of speaking and eating. Other eyeball-filled idioms include:. Other idioms of interest are:. Leo U The side of the head with all the holes novinha stepsister it, otherwise known as the face.

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